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Simon Bartram

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Simon Bartram

Simon was a graduate student in the group working on computer simulation of amphiphilic polymers.

Simon undetook a joint experimental and theoretical project, working on understanding amphiphilic polymers at a water-air interface. He synthesised PEO chains with dendritic head groups, some containing multiple fluorine sites; carried out neutron reflectivity studies to look at the organisation of the chains at the water/air interface; and carried out simulation studies of his systems. The simulation work provided a way of visualizing the system as the molecules self-organised at the interface.

Simon’s work involved atomistic simulation work for short PEO chain systems and for a model of head groups at a surface. He also working on a coarse-grained model for longer chains.Simon’s experimental work was carried out as part of the Durham polymer IRC, with support from Dr. Nigel Clark (neutron reflectivity),Dr. Liam Hutchinson (synthesis),Dr. Richard Thompson (ion beam analysis and neutron reflectivity).

Simon’s work was sponsored by the UK research council EPSRC through a DTA award.