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Dave Earl (Dr. David J. Earl)

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Dave Earl (Dr. David J. Earl)

Dave Earl was a graduate student in the group between October 2000 and 2003. Dave worked on the calculation of helical twisting powers of liquid crystalline chiral dopants and understanding how chirality is transmitted from one molecule to another.

Dave’s work was sponsored by Merck R&D, UK who have a particular interest in making new chiral dopant molecules for liquid crystal optoelectronic devices. After leaving the group, Dave took up a PDRA position at Rice University in the US.

A more detailed summary of Dave’s research is available. 

A up to date list of all Dave’s career publications is available.  

Dave’s current research web page at Rice University.  

Dave’s publications in the group

Induced and spontaneous deracemization in bent-core liquid crystal phases and in other phases doped with bent-core molecules.
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Calculations of helical twisting powers from intermolecular torques.
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Wilson M. R.Predictions of molecular chirality and helical twisting powers: A theoretical study.
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M., Wilson M. R., Earl D. J. Helical twisting power and scaled chiral indices.
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Wilson M. R.. Computer simulations of soft repulsive spherocylinders.
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