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The Group


Leader of the research group:
Prof. Mark Wilson

Current Group members

Martin Screen
Dr. Rachel Hendrikse
Dr. Frederico José de S. Pontes
Gary Yu
Jing Li
Ajeeth Kanagarajan
Yesh Tanna

Previous Group Members:

Dr. Elena Patyukova (see publication list)
Dr. Martin Walker (see publication list)
Dr. Vanessa Woodhouse (PhD thesis – Structure and Activity of Antimicrobial Peptoids)
Dr. Romnik Thind (PhD thesis – Molecular Simulation of Chromonic Mesogens in Aqueous Solution)
Dr. Jos Tasche (PhD thesis – Theory and simulation of solubility and partitioning in polymers: Application of SAFT-γ Mie and molecular dynamics simulations)
Dr. Sarah Gray (PhD thesis – Dissipative particle dynamics simulations of surfactant systems: phase diagrams, phases and self-assembly.)
Dr. Tom Potter (PhD thesis – Development of coarse-grained models for the simulation of soft matter systems)
Dr. Jane Boyd (PhD thesis – Investigations of the Nematic Phase Structure and Biaxiality of Selected Oxadiazole Mesogens Employing an Optimized Force Field)
Dr. David Burnell (PhD thesis – Multi-scale Modelling of Allostery in Protein Homodimers)
Dr. Valentina Erastova (PhD thesis – Molecular simulation studies of diesel and diesel additives)
Dr. Tom Rodgers (see publication list)
Dr. Fatima Chami (see publication list)
Dr. Khongvit (Tom) Prasitnok (PhD thesis – Coarse-grained molecular modelling of amphiphilic polymers at a water/air interface)
Dr. Andrew Ilott (PhD thesis – Motion in the solid state studied by NMR and extended time scale MD simulation)
Dr. Peter Duncan (see publication list)
Dr. Juho Lintuvuori (PhD thesis – Towards improved simulations of self-organising molecular materials)
Dr. Simon Bartram (PhD thesis – Adsorption of Dendritic Fluorocarbon End-Capped Poly(Ethylene Oxide) at an Air-Water Interface – A Synthetic, Analytical and Computational Study)
Dr. Sebastian Palucha (see publication list)
Dr. Georg Blaser (PhD thesis – Peptide – lipid interactions analyzed via Tryptophan derivatives: experimental and computational results)
Dr. Jorge Pelaez (PhD thesis – Atomistic simulation of biaxial liquid crystals and mixtures of liquid crystals)
Mr. Matteo Nasi (MSc thesis – Computer simulation of diesel and diesel additives)
Dr. Zak Hughes (PhD thesis – New methods for the computer simulation of macromolecular liquid crystals)
Dr. Henk Slim (see publication list)
Dr. Phil Anderson (PhD thesis – Conformational behaviour of amphiphilic molecules in aqueous solution and at a water/air interface: computational studies at the molecular level)
Dr. Jaroslav Ilnytskyi (see publication list)
Dr. David Earl (PhD thesis – Predictions of helical twisting powers and molecular chirality)
Dr. David Cheung (PhD thesis – Structures and properties of liquid crystals and related molecules from computer simulation)
Dr. Lorna Stimson (PhD thesis – Phase behaviour of macromolecular liquid crystalline materials: computational studies at the molecular level)
Dr. Melanie Cook (PhD thesis – Computer simulations of liquid crystals)
Dr. Carl McBride (PhD thesis – Computer simulation of liquid crystals)

Some of our other collaborators:

Prof. Andrew Masters (Manchester)

Prof. Andrew Masters (Manchester)
Prof. Gordon Tiddy (Manchester)

Soft Matter
Member of the Durham Centre for Soft Matter

Biophysics – molecular interactions and protein allostery

Dr. John Sanderson (Durham)
Prof Tom McLeish, FInstP, FRS (Durham)
Dr. Ehmke Pohl (Durham)
Dr. Martin Cann (Durham)

Solid State NMR
Dr Paul Hodgkinson (Durham).

Dynamics in liquid crystals and dynamics in lipids
Dr Vasily Oganesyan (UEA).